- money saving tips -

Consider buying preloved wedding dresses, or suits.  This is often one of the largest expenses when a couple get married.  Of course if you get married with us then you will have more money to spend on your dream dress, and we often have discount vouchers from bridal stores to pass on, but think of all those fabulous designer gowns that have been lovingly chosen, worn for one day and then dry cleaned and hung in the back of the wardrobe.  They are someone else's treasures and you could give them another chance to shine.

Buy your wedding dress from one of the many companies now selling direct online at very competitive prices.  They are not paying a lease or rent for shop premises like the bridal stores, so they can pass on these savings to you.  Of course you can't try the dresses on, but you could take your bridesmaids along to a few bridal stores and have fun finding out which styles you like best before ordering online.

Shop clever when it comes to accessories.  Instead of buying expensive bridal shoes that you are unlikely to ever wear again, buy a pair of pretty nude or pastel coloured heels that you love and will wear again.  Think going to the races or prom shoes when you are looking in no 1 shoes or Hannahs, you might be surprised at just what you can find for under $50.  If you find a plain pair you like, you could jazz them up with some stick on crystals, or add on shoe accessories.   There is a huge choice of bridal bling when it comes to jewellery at very reasonable prices in the high street stores.


And for the groom high street stores such as Hallenstein Brothers have a good range of smart suits at great prices.  Or again shop online and save. And if vintage is your thing check out op shops!

Got a friend with a cool car?  Flatter them into driving you to the wedding, thank them with a bottle of their favourite wine.  A wedding car can set you back $300+ for part day hire.  A limo is between $400 and $700 per hour. 

And finally if you haven't already booked a perfect little wedding with us, check out the dates available and get in touch. You'll be so glad you did.  Its the biggest saving you will make on your big day, and you will also save on stress and sleepless nights - no lying awake at night worrying that the choices you are making are the right ones - because we make them all for you!

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